Birdwatching in the Cashiers and Highlands area.

Did you know that our area is a great place to see many different types of birds?  Just click on this list of birds to see what I mean!  Here at Laurelwood Inn, we decided it was time to replace and upgrade our birdfeeders.  Wow, what a difference it has made.  Take a look at some of these photos:

Ok…so you can tell I am not an expert at photographing birds!  Every time I tried to take a picture with birds on the feeders, they would fly away….guess I don’t have the patience to sit and wait for them to come back! But did want to show you some of the nice feeders we have in place for the season! If you stay with us, be sure to send me your bird photos and I put them on our website!

The birds also seem to love all the water features we have on our property and it is not unusual to see them taking a bath!

Our area even has it’s own Audubon Society that offers many wonderful field trips and activities.  Their website has great information for anyone interested in learning more about the birds in our area.

The Cashiers-Highlands area is known for all our hiking trails which are perfect for birding! Take a look at this website to see just how many great spots there are to visit!

We would love for you to come stay with us this summer!  Click here to get to our website and book your room. You can also just call us at 800-346-6846.

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